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Installing video surveillance systems

Install video surveillance for property security. Our systems offer flexibility, from basic setups to perimeter monitoring. No monthly fees; own your recordings. Choose storage: on-site or cloud (extra cost). Trust us for professional security.

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Installation of security alarms

We install security alarms for homes, apartments, parking lots, and commercial properties. Our services include wired and wireless detectors, plus additional sensors for various purposes.

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Implementation of access control and management systems for premises.

Install electronic locks for doors with or without remote control, access control systems, and time tracking.

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Installation of doorbells

From basic models with built-in cameras to advanced systems with doorbell cameras and multiple house monitors. Monitors alert the owner's phone when the doorbell is pressed.

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Network cabling

We can perform the installation of all network cables for your home or office.

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Outdoor lights installation

Outdoor lights installation is a service provided by electricians or landscaping professionals to set up lighting systems in outdoor spaces such as gardens, patios, driveways, and walkways.

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Sound Systems

Sound system installation sets up audio equipment to create high-quality sound environments in diverse settings like homes, businesses, event venues, and public spaces.


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